Q. How do I get copies of my invoice?

A. Invoices can be accessed by logging into Your Account by clicking on the “Your Account” link within the ADA Platform Technology website, then clicking on the “billing information” link to access billing settings. If you would like some help, a member of our Accounts Receivable team can help walk you through it. Give them a call at +1 800 212-2642, extension 810.

Q. How can I see how much I owe on my account?

A. Any outstanding balances can be seen in Your Account accessed through the ADA Platform Technology website.

Q. How can I update my credit/debit card?

A. Credit/debit cards can be updated by accessing Your Account within the ADA Platform Technology website or by contacting the ADA Platform Technology Accounts Receivable team at +1 800 212-2642, extension 810, or by email at accounting@adaptdocs.com.

Q. How can I cancel my account?

A. Account cancellations must be initiated verbally through a ADA Platform Technology representative. If a cancellation request is not received at least 10 days prior to your billing date, the cancellation will not be effective until the end of your next billing cycle. Emailed cancellation requests are not acceptable. Please contact our support team at +1 800212-2642 extension 810. After a request to cancel has been initiated, you will be contacted by, and are required to speak with, a member of the cancellation team to finalize the cancellation.

Q. Can I change my billing date?

A. We do not change billing dates.

Q. Can you split payments towards my monthly fee between two cards?

A. No. ADA Platform Technology requires each payment to be charged to one card only.

Q. Can I pay by check instead?

A. No, we do not accept checks for payment.

Q. Can I put my account on hold?

A. Due to the nature of a subscription business, we do not place accounts on hold.

Q. Can I decrease my monthly payment?

A. No, the VEPS licensing model is a set price.

Q. When is my next bill date?

A. All billing information can be viewed within the ADA Platform Technology website by clicking the “Your Account” link.

Q. How can I make a payment?

A. Payments are auto debited from your credit card on file each month prior to service.

Q. What forms of payment can I use?

A. ADA Platform Technology currently accepts American Express, MasterCard, Discover and VISA credit and debit cards.

Q. How can I report a change in ownership of the company?

A. Please contact Customer Support to request an ownership change at +1 800 212-2642, extension 810.

Q. I haven’t been using the system, so why am I getting billed?

A. ADA Platform Technology does not bill based on usage. As a subscription-based product, it works much like a gym membership where you get charged whether or not you go. ADA Platform Technology provides you the ability to assemble estate planning documents through a dynamic interview system. Whether you choose to actually log in and use the system is up to you.

Q. I cancelled my account. Why is ADA Platform Technology following up with me about my outstanding balance?

A. Cancellation of your subscription does not dismiss outstanding balances or charges you had agreed to before cancelling. Please reach out to the cancellation team with questions about balances upon cancellation. To make a one-time payment after cancellation, please reach out to the Accounts Receivable team.

Please contact us for any other questions or concerns about our billing policy at accounting@adaptdocs.com.