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ADA Platform Technology (ADAPT) provides Professional Estate Planners with comprehensive, dynamic, and state-specific legal documents – will, trust and power templates as well as host of other important estate planning related templates.   ADAPT also provides planners a turnkey method of efficiently capturing client input and interview responses and transforming them to custom documents that are legally accurate and thorough.

  • ADAPT give you the ability to draft documents remotely using a dynamic interview process – 24/7.
  • ADAPT allows you to control your customer’s experience and the flexibility to Capture your client’s key information, objectives and/or have your clients complete dynamic interviews designed to create whatever legal document(s) are needed.
  • Whatever your preferred workflow, ADAPT’s system is designed to bring together everything you need to draft custom legal documents remotely thru the cloud.
  • And, for less than the what many attorney’s charge for a single estate plan, your firm can put a system in place that will allow you to efficiently create an unlimited number of customized wills, trusts and powers each year.

Thorough and Accurate Documents

Create Thorough and Accurate Documents including Wills, Trusts, Powers and more that you can rely on – well-vetted document templates regularly updated to be compliant with state law in all US legal jurisdictions.

Effectively Gather Client Input

Gather information and objectives from your clients via the cloud in a manner designed to support you and your clients preferred workflows.

Dynamic Interviews That Help You Create Custom Solutions

Our interview process adapts to the needs of your client allowing you to create custom solutions without having to worry about the legal accuracy of the drafted documents.