Welcome to VEPS!

VEPS is Virtual Estate Planning System

ADAPT’s Virtual Estate Planning System (VEPS) is our cloud-based solution designed to help lawyers, estate planners and professional document preparers gather prospect and/or client information and automate the entire process of creating professional and customized legal documents.

Simple to use and implement, VEPS can be quickly set up and configured to be integrated into your practice so that client input can be collected through your website.  In addition, VEPS allows you to create specific service packages so that a complete ecommerce solution can be provided if you desire.

Our templates are regularly updated to reflect current laws and include the basic will and trusts templates/options that have been available thru Fore! Trust software for over 10 years and are designed to meet the laws and requirements of every state.

Join the thousands of professionals who have incorporated VEPS templates into their practice today!