Automate Client Intake – VEPS automates how your business collects information and objectives from your client via the cloud. A dynamic interview process that is simple, fast and comprehensive allows you to collect information more efficiently so that you can focus on generating more business.

VEPS online plays an important part in automating your practice.   Much more than well-crafted legal templates,  VEPS online allows you to completely automate your client intake process and thereby allows you to capture client and prospect information 24/7.    Direct client input helps speed the time for you to complete documents and minimizes misspellings and other typos that can creep into documents.

The benefit is more than just the automation – it’s having a well framed interview process. Building in client intake into your site also gives you the flexibility in choosing how to deal with clients; it also allows you to help them work thru some of the choices they need to make in advance of your time with them.   Better prepared clients make you more effective and helps you deliver better service in less time.

Client Facing Automation

Drafter Facing Automation