Thorough & Accurate Documents – VEPS document sets are among the most comprehensive and are the document set of choice for 1000’s of estate planning professionals. They are state specific, accurate and up to date.

With your VEPS subscription all the following document sets are provided and can be offered and priced separately on your site giving you the ability to deliver a wide range of packaging and service options.  Within VEPS you are in control of the pricing and services that you offer to your clients. Clients do not have immediate access to their completed documents. You also have the ability to choose how the clients documents are delivered to them.

All of the Document Packages are available across all of our VEPS solutions. You can choose to offer and price each Document Package independently – giving you maximum flexibility over how you chose to manage your drafting services.

Trust Documents Will Documents Powers
Trust Package Will Package Power Package**
Trust Only* Will Only* General Power of Attorney Only
Health Care Power Only

* Individual packages are used to create one set of forms (whether its for a will, trust, etc.) whereas the married packages create parallel or reciprocal sets of forms that can be independently modified.

** The powers package is a combined package that includes all of these ancillary planning documents as opposed to the individual powers.