ADAPT provides you with document template packages and options that give your firm the ability to easily incorporate web-based legal document preparation into your practice.  Our current focus supports wills, trusts and powers but in the near future we will feature additional document packages related to areas like business formation among others.

ADAPT provides you with considerable control over how different document assemblies can be packaged and priced for ecommerce purposes on your site.

Our customers may offer and price any template package they would like to offer their clients and prospects thru the system.  Other pricing options can also be offered depending on the level of service you offer with the package (i.e. client prepared, attorney reviewed or attorney prepared).   In addition, you may also price engagements for individuals and couples differently.

More specifically, we give you the ability to implement payment links provided by your payment gateway (e.g. Law Pay, Pay Pal, so your clients can check out on-line.   A payment link must be setup for each of the products/options that you wish to offer in VEPS to your clients. Here’s an example of  a sample Payment Link:

Upon request and for a small fee,  ADAPT can also assist you with obtaining the proper links from your payment gateway, add your pricing and gateway payment links. ($200 fee)

Note: ADAPT does not act as your payment gateway or provide accounting of your transactions.