Can I add additional questions for my Prospects/Customers when they are registering?2020-07-08T17:16:59+00:00

Generally, most VEPS users find the current client input fields and set up options sufficient to meet their business needs.  However, some VEPS users would like to collect additional information about their prospects/clients as part of the registration process.   While VEPS users have a wide range of control over what is presented at registration as part of their VEPS Registration Settings in their Company Management Dashboard, some users want to add additional input fields or modify the registration form further.   ADAPT is happy to further customize intermediate and advanced solution customers registration process to better meet their needs.  While ADAPT will try to accommodate requests for minor modifications at no additional charge, should a modification require more extensive work we will provide VEPS users an estimate before taking it on.  Price and timing for additional customization will vary depending on what specifically is being requested.

Can I add additional language to the document templates?2020-07-08T17:16:59+00:00

VEPS Will, Trust, Power and various transmittal letter templates are extensive and meet the vast majority of our customers’ needs.  However, some users want to add modifications/clarifications to one or more of the templates.   ADAPT can further customize intermediate and advanced solution customers templates in most circumstances.  While ADAPT will try to accommodate requests for minor modifications at no additional charge, should a modification require more extensive work we will provide VEPS users an estimate before taking it on.  Price and timing for additional template customization will vary depending on what specifically is being requested.

How does VEPS Ecommerce solution work?2021-04-05T19:57:39+00:00

ADAPT provides you with document template packages and options that give your firm the ability to easily incorporate web-based legal document preparation into your practice.  Our current focus supports wills, trusts and powers but in the near future we will feature additional document packages related to areas like business formation among others.

ADAPT provides you with considerable control over how different document assemblies can be packaged and priced for ecommerce purposes on your site.

Our customers may offer and price any template package they would like to offer their clients and prospects thru the system.  Other pricing options can also be offered depending on the level of service you offer with the package (i.e. client prepared, attorney reviewed or attorney prepared).   In addition, you may also price engagements for individuals and couples differently.

More specifically, we give you the ability to implement payment links provided by your payment gateway (e.g. Law Pay, Pay Pal, Authorize.net) so your clients can check out on-line.   A payment link must be setup for each of the products/options that you wish to offer in VEPS to your clients. Here’s an example of  a sample Payment Link: https://lawpay.com/yourclientid/yourproductid

Upon request and for a small fee,  ADAPT can also assist you with obtaining the proper links from your payment gateway, add your pricing and gateway payment links. ($200 fee)

Note: ADAPT does not act as your payment gateway or provide accounting of your transactions.

Which Payment Gateways does VEPS work with?2020-07-08T17:17:31+00:00

VEPS can work with any payment gateway provider.  Most of our implementations are for LawPay, PayPal, Authorize.net or Square however.

Can more than one user work with VEPS in our firm?2020-07-08T17:17:57+00:00

Yes, VEPS is designed to allow multiple users work with the application.  Each subscription comes with two licenses (one admin and one drafter).   Additional licenses can be added by the user or you can contact Support@Adaptdocs.com.

Can I create irrevocable trusts thru VEPS?2020-07-08T17:18:47+00:00

Currently, VEPS users are able to take advantage of virtually all of the templates available thru Fore! Trust Software basic module.  While we are in the process of adding additional templates, the irrevocable trust module is not yet available.  However, VEPS is designed so that answer files that are created in the system can be downloaded and will work with Fore! Trust Software should you want to use one of the Fore! Trust Software templates available in the Irrevocable module.

State Specific Templates2020-07-08T17:19:27+00:00

VEPS uses Fore! Trust Software templates that have been designed specifically to meet the laws and requirements of each state as well as federal laws.  Currently, all states except Louisiana and District of Columbia are supported in the software (Louisiana and DC are coming later in 2020).

Templates are Kept Automatically Up to Date2020-07-08T17:19:47+00:00

As changes in law and practice occur changes, ADAPT updates the VEPS templates automatically.  This means that recent changes effecting how plans are drafted like the SECURE Act are made to any document you assemble going forward.   Nothing is required on your part to keep the software templates up to date.

Quality Control2020-07-08T17:20:11+00:00

VEPS helps your firm produce the highest quality documents as accurately as possible.  Because we allow you to capture client input directly, such as beneficiary and fiduciary names and addresses, we minimize the chance for misspellings creeping into your documents.   And because we are maintaining the most up to date templates, you’ll know that your documents are legally accurate and up to date.

Client Intake and Interviews2020-07-08T17:20:28+00:00

VEPS provides two ways of getting information directly from a client:  Client registration or intake, as well as Client Interviews.    The registration process is used to gather key contact information you need in your representations – regardless of what documents you may create.   Client interviews walk your client thru all the information needed to accomplish a specific task – such as setting up a revocable living trust to avoid probate.    VEPS intelligently combines these inputs in generating documents so you can manage and reuse the client data as needed.

Document Packages2020-07-08T17:20:55+00:00

VEPS is organized around document packages.   These are groups of documents that have been put together to mirror the output of typical client engagements.  By focusing on completing document packages as opposed to each individual legal document, interviews are more efficient, and each document package can be priced as appropriate.

Available 24/72021-04-05T19:58:38+00:00

VEPS is a cloud-based application and is available 24/7.  This is critical as it allows you to collect information from clients when it is convenient for them.   Site maintenance is announced in advance and downtime is kept to a minimum.

Is Fore! Trust Software the same as VEPS?2020-07-08T19:24:06+00:00

VEPS uses the templates that Fore! Trust Software includes in its basic subscription.   VEPS though is different than Fore!Trust in that it also has client interviews that can be used to gather information as well as preparer interviews.   Also, while the majority of the basic Fore!Trust templates have been made available through the VEPS packages, some items have not been made available through VEPS yet (such as Gun Trusts).  However, the vast majority of customers are able to use VEPS to completely address the estate planning situations they encounter in their practice.

Do I need both Fore! Trust Software and VEPS?2020-07-08T19:25:10+00:00

It depends on your practice.   VEPS provides you with client and preparer interviews that allow you to create the custom RLTs, wills, powers and related funding documents you can create with Fore! Trust Software.   You don’t need a separate subscription to Fore! Trust Software to do this.   However, if in your practice you regularly create Irrevocable Trusts, Gun Trusts or IRA Beneficiary Trusts you may want to continue your Fore! Trust Software subscription as these templates are not yet available within VEPS.

Can I edit the answers to the questions that my client has submitted?2020-07-08T19:25:34+00:00

Yes.  The preparer has the ability to edit the information and answers submitted by the client.

How do my clients receive their documents?2020-07-08T19:29:08+00:00

Clients receive the documents in whatever way you wish to provide their documents to them.   Once they have completed the input, the preparer is able to download the file, process the file as appropriate – reviewing and/or editing the customer file as needed.   Preparers may download the documents and open them from Word and make them available to their client however they see fit.

How does offering a multi-tier solution thru VEPS (i.e. allowing users to select self-prepared, attorney reviewed or attorney prepared) effect my customer’s/prospect’s experience?2020-07-09T17:55:55+00:00

It’s really up to you. VEPS multi-tier solution really only effects offer set up; beyond that it does not affect the way your clients interact with the software. VEPS allows its users to set different pricing information for packages by service level. This means the system is flexible enough to offer you the ability to handle items differently depending on the levels of support or service associated you chose to offer with the creation of any document in the system. This way if you want to charge differently for reviewed documents from attorney prepared documents you can and the system will also allow you to have different client agreements associated with each service level as well.

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