Available 24/7

VEPS is a cloud-based application and is available 24/7.  This is critical as it allows you to collect information from clients when it is convenient for them.   Site maintenance is announced in advance and downtime is kept to a minimum.

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Document Packages

VEPS is organized around document packages.   These are groups of documents that have been put together to mirror the output of typical client engagements.  By focusing on completing document packages as opposed to each individual legal document, interviews are more efficient, and each document package can be priced as appropriate.

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Client Intake and Interviews

VEPS provides two ways of getting information directly from a client:  Client registration or intake, as well as Client Interviews.    The registration process is used to gather key contact information you need in your representations – regardless of what documents you may create.   Client interviews walk your client thru all the information needed to accomplish a specific task – such [...]

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Quality Control

VEPS helps your firm produce the highest quality documents as accurately as possible.  Because we allow you to capture client input directly, such as beneficiary and fiduciary names and addresses, we minimize the chance for misspellings creeping into your documents.   And because we are maintaining the most up to date templates, you’ll know that your documents are legally accurate and [...]

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Templates are Kept Automatically Up to Date

As changes in law and practice occur changes, ADAPT updates the VEPS templates automatically.  This means that recent changes effecting how plans are drafted like the SECURE Act are made to any document you assemble going forward.   Nothing is required on your part to keep the software templates up to date.

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State Specific Templates

VEPS uses Fore! Trust Software templates that have been designed specifically to meet the laws and requirements of each state as well as federal laws.  Currently, all states except Louisiana and District of Columbia are supported in the software (Louisiana and DC are coming later in 2020).

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