How does offering a multi-tier solution thru VEPS (i.e. allowing users to select self-prepared, attorney reviewed or attorney prepared) effect my customer’s/prospect’s experience?

It’s really up to you. VEPS multi-tier solution really only effects offer set up; beyond that it does not affect the way your clients interact with the software. VEPS allows its users to set different pricing information for packages by service level. This means the system is flexible enough to offer you the ability to handle items differently depending on [...]

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How do my clients receive their documents?

Clients receive the documents in whatever way you wish to provide their documents to them.   Once they have completed the input, the preparer is able to download the file, process the file as appropriate – reviewing and/or editing the customer file as needed.   Preparers may download the documents and open them from Word and make them available to their client [...]

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Do I need both Fore! Trust Software and VEPS?

It depends on your practice.   VEPS provides you with client and preparer interviews that allow you to create the custom RLTs, wills, powers and related funding documents you can create with Fore! Trust Software.   You don’t need a separate subscription to Fore! Trust Software to do this.   However, if in your practice you regularly create Irrevocable Trusts, Gun Trusts or [...]

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Is Fore! Trust Software the same as VEPS?

VEPS uses the templates that Fore! Trust Software includes in its basic subscription.   VEPS though is different than Fore!Trust in that it also has client interviews that can be used to gather information as well as preparer interviews.   Also, while the majority of the basic Fore!Trust templates have been made available through the VEPS packages, some items have not been [...]

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Can I create irrevocable trusts thru VEPS?

Currently, VEPS users are able to take advantage of virtually all of the templates available thru Fore! Trust Software basic module.  While we are in the process of adding additional templates, the irrevocable trust module is not yet available.  However, VEPS is designed so that answer files that are created in the system can be downloaded and will work with [...]

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How does VEPS Ecommerce solution work?

ADAPT provides you with document template packages and options that give your firm the ability to easily incorporate web-based legal document preparation into your practice.  Our current focus supports wills, trusts and powers but in the near future we will feature additional document packages related to areas like business formation among others. ADAPT provides you with considerable control over how [...]

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Can I add additional language to the document templates?

VEPS Will, Trust, Power and various transmittal letter templates are extensive and meet the vast majority of our customers’ needs.  However, some users want to add modifications/clarifications to one or more of the templates.   ADAPT can further customize intermediate and advanced solution customers templates in most circumstances.  While ADAPT will try to accommodate requests for minor modifications at no additional [...]

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