VEPS provides users with all of the will, trust and power content needed to completely draft most estate plans.  Based on the widely used Fore! Trust Software templates, it contains virtually all the content available in the Fore! Trust software basic package with additional content being released in the near future, including a separately priced Irrevocable Trust Module.

Users of VEPS do NOT need to continue to license Fore! Trust, the relevant basic content is included with your VEPS subscription.   However, if a user wants to continue to license the Irrevocable Trust module for their practice, VEPS is fully compatible with the desktop versions.  So, you can readily download answer files from VEPS and use them with the desktop systems.

VEPS provides the following additional benefits:

  • Cloud-based client intake process – allowing your clients to register and complete an interview designed to create the legal documents they want.
  • Specific content packages that make it easy for your clients to select options that will meet their needs and that if you wish can be tied into an ecommerce solution (tied into your payment gateway of choice) – allowing you to bill and charge for services at the point of sale.
  • Accessible 24/7 through the internet so that you or your staff can prepare and review documents anywhere, anyplace, and anytime.
  • Simple to maintain and keep current – since its cloud based ADAPT updates the software for you. You do not have to worry about downloading and installing new updates anymore at no additional cost.