The simple process of the Virtual Estate Planning System (VEPS)

The simple process:

  • Step-1: First Register for a new account;
  • Step-2: Activate your new account via email link;
  • Step-3: Accept a representation agreement after logging in;
  • Step-4: Start the dynamic Interview process from the client dashboard.
  • Step-5: Pay online and;
  • Step-6: Finally Receive documents as you see fit.

While the entire VEPS process is simplistic, easy and intuitive, the questionnaire is dynamic, state specific and attorney drafted to ensure the completed assembled document set is accurate and fully legal. VEPS takes the mundane out estate planning by allowing your client to do most of the work. Rather then spending time on Q&A with your client, you are now free to generate new business. Also you now have a method to allow more intake into your estate planning business.