Supports Your Workflow – Designed to meet your estate planning workflow requirements

VEPS Online is designed to support the workflow that works the way you prefer to work with your clients. Our system supports multiple work styles and customizations.

Whether you want to fully automate the client intake and interview process or prefer to oversee the input process and document creation directly, VEPS allows you to work the way you want.   Simply chose the work style that best fits your practice and you are on your way!

  • If you are a document preparer you can totally automate document creation so that prospective clients can prepare documents for purchase or for legal review.
  • If you are an estate planner who discusses the planning needs and options with your clients in person you can limit the client intake process and conduct more in-depth interviews and planning before you or your staff complete the document interview.

Either way our system is designed to support you!

VEPS online is easy to set up and modify so as your practice changes – it can change.

  • For example – If you want to accommodate different types of client interactions you can either administer it through your website to accommodate self-service clients as well as meet with full-service clients in person and then complete the interviews to generate more refined documents on your own.
  • Client contact and intake, prequalification questions, and specific client interviews geared around the documents being created can either be set to allow for either your client’s or your firm’s input.

You control the process fully.