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As of today all VEPS processes have been off-loaded to Virtual Law Desk.

How does this affect my account?

The normal $260 annual cost of an SSL certificate for each website has been eliminated. We now handle a single set of security certificates so each of our clients save that annual cost. It also allows for integration into any website hosted with Turnkey Estate Planning or not. This is a huge savings of money, time and technical support on our part. Enjoy the savings!

How does it work?

Links are now used to off-load your clients to our portal which is branded for your company for continuity. For example, you might have a button on your website for registration and login with the source as such:

Secure New Client Registration –

Secure Client Log In-

Continuity is important because clients expect all pages to have a similar theme, content model and/or logo or graphics schema. By offloading these pages and functions, you have peace of mind that all transactions you and your clients perform are encrypted and secure.

It does make it more manageable for us as we only have to maintain a few certificates rather than thousands. In addition, you save the $260 cost annually.

Please call in to support or use our contact form here if you need your new links or need assistance in implementation.

(800) 212-2642 extension 800.