The basic trust package includes – numerous options for customizing various forms of the following documents (to allow the user to create everything from simple revocable trusts, A/B trusts, dynasty trusts or generation skipping trusts, etc)

  • Living trust (including restatements)
  • Pour-Over Wills
  • Certificate of Trust
  • Declaration of Trust
  • Assignment of Personal Property
  • Instructions for the Distribution of Tangible Personal Property
  • General powers of attorney (including the option for Springing Powers)
  • HIPAA compliant Health Care Directives with Living Will
  • Stand-alone HIPAA Waivers
  • Final Disposition (Burial) Instructions
  • Client Correspondence
  • Transfer Documents (including state specific deeds for transfer for real property)

Currently VEPS Trust Package includes the following documents and key options:

I.Living Trusts (including Restated Amendments)

  1. “Non-Traditional Couple” Trust option
  2. Joint or Reciprocal Trust Versions for Married Clients include:
    • Simple, probate avoidance Trust
    • Disclaimer Trust
    • “A/B” Trust
    • “Intentionally defective” Marital Deduction Trust (to protect the “step-up” in basis at the 2nd death)
    • “QTIP” Trust (either pecuniary or fractional share) with optional “Clayton Election”
    • “QDOT” provisions for a non-citizen spouse
  3. Specific Distribution Provisions include:
    • Specific Sum and /or Percentage (individual or CSS Class gift)
    • Gift of Real Property
  4. Option to Purchase Real Property
  5. Life Interest in Real Property
  6. Life Interest in Cash or Percentage
  7. Gift of Business Interest
  8. Forgiveness of Debt
  9. “Special Needs Trust”
  10. Pet Trust
  11. Charitable Foundation
  12. Residual Distribution Provisions include:
    • “Per Stirpes” with trusts for grandchildren
    • Allocations between specified beneficiaries by shares or percentages
    • Delay for children to specified age or ages
  13. ”Family Pot” Trust
  14. Generation-Skipping Trusts
  15. “Dynasty Trust”

II. Pour-Over Wills
III. Certificate of Trust
IV Declaration of Trust
V. Assignment of Personal Effects
VI. Instructions for the Distribution of Tangible Personal Property
VII. General Powers of Attorney (including option for a “springing powers”)
VIII. Health Care Directives with “Living Will” (HIPAA compliant)
IX. Stand-alone HIPAA Waivers
X. Final Disposition(“Burial”) Instructions
XI. Client Correspondence (incorporating your letterhead), including:

    1. Transmittal Letters
    2. Summary of Estate Planning Provisions
    3. Signing Instructions
    4. Trust Funding Instructions (for after-acquired assets)

XII. Transfer Documents

  1. State specific Deeds for real property
  2. Letters of Instruction for re-titling to banks, transfer agents, brokerage firms, mutual funds, etc.
  3. Assignments of Deeds of Trust, limited and general partnership interests, business interests, etc.
  4. Requests for change of beneficiary designations for life insurance, retirement benefits, etc.
  5. Affidavits of death

VEPS trust package complies with the legal requirements in every state and the District of Columbia(except Louisiana (available in 2020)).

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