Thorough & Accurate Documents

Estate planners and professional document preparers know that helping people set up detailed plans requires a lot more than a will or a trust document. 

Pulling well-crafted documents together and making sure all of the necessary documents are prepared requires a painstaking attention to detail.

VEPS online helps you do just that by offering our templates in discrete packages that can be easily accessed by you or directly by your clients to meet a variety of needs.  These packages allow you to access a wide range of automated will and trust templates designed to meet the needs of most estate planning situations.

VEPS online allows you to customize estate planning documents thru the use of highly intuitive, context sensitive “question and answer” dialogs.  These templates have been developed and used by practitioners and preparers for over ten years and are designed to be state specific in nature.

VEPS provides you with the ability to quickly draft trust, wills (both with extensive distribution options) and all supporting ancillary documents including pour-over wills, Powers of Attorney, HIPAA compliant Health-care Powers, Trust Certification, transfer documents including deeds, as well as client communications and worksheets.

With VEPS online you or your client can select from a variety of legal document packages including:

Trust Package

Will Package

Will Only

Trust Only

General Power of Attorney

Health Care Powers


All interview dialogs have detailed help screens making it easy for your client to input directly or for your staff to assist you in assembling document.

All documents are frequently updated to ensure you are always compliant with current state and federal laws.