Registration Settings – by Michelle Cimino Customer Service Manager

New Additions – Customized Registration Page Settings:

In an effort to create a more customized registration page for you and your clients we have add new options for you to customize the information on your registration page.

Now you can customize your company information that is visible on the Client Registration Page.

Here are the new additions that you can turn ON or OFF with a check of the box.

  • Display Address 1&2
  • Display City
  • Display State
  • Display Postal Code
  • Display Phone
  • Display Email

Please note that the information that will display on your registration page will come from the information that has been input within your Company Profile.

In the screen shots below, you will see that I have selected to only display the company’s email address for the selected company.  And on the registration page you will see how this will display.  You can turn on all or none of these settings.

The green Arrow in the below picture is showing the new addition location.  The Red arrow is showing that email is the only item selected to show on the registration page.

The purple arrow in the below picture is showing where the email address is being displayed as this is the only company information that has been selected to show on the registration page.